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Mass-produced medications can have inactive ingredients such as dyes, sugar, gluten, lactose, and alcohol. These unnecessary ingredients may cause harmful side effects for some patients. Our pharmacists can customize these medications so that the inactive ingredients can be avoided.

Tired of taking too many medications? We may be able to combine various kinds of compatible medications into a single dosage form—reducing the number of pills one takes. This method will be helpful if you or a loved one has difficulty taking medication.


Customization is common in the world we live in, whether we are purchasing clothes, setting up checking accounts, or building a wireless plan for our smart phone. Isn’t it time for customized medicine?

Compounding goes back to the roots of medicine; before the age of mass production when medicine was produced for the patient rather than the mass market. The process of compounding allows for greater flexibility in dosage, strength, and chemical makeup. For the long-haul trucker who just had knee surgery and needs a powerful non-drowsy pain manager, the finicky child that will not take his cough medicine because of the awful taste, or the “weekend warrior” who is paying today for yesterday’s pick-up game–we’ve got you covered.

Traditional retail pharmacies only provide predetermined formulations and dosages. Heritage Compounding Pharmacy has its own lab to custom-build your medication in any form or dosage your physician prescribes.